Adding your own CommandsΒΆ

To add your own commands, you need to add them to, a file that will be created after running twitchat-setting (refer to Quick start).

The general template for your commands will be::

def on_command_name(self, e, msg, c, bot):
    c.privmsg(, "This is what the bot will say")

Additionally, in the same file, you will need to have a dictionary with the cooldowns for each command::

cooldowns = {
              'on_comm1': 10,
              'on_comm2': 2,
              'on_comm3': 0

In this case, the !comm2 command will have a 2 second cooldown, the !comm1 command a 10 second cooldown, and the !comm3 command (you guessed it) no cooldown at all.